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Help support Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club


We will gladly accept a check in any amount at:

Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club
3229 Rodeo Road
Santa Fe, NM  87507

Junior Livestock Auction


The Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club is instrumental in handling the donations made to support the Junior Livestock Auction.  Each year Clovers 4 Kids establishes a floor bid for exhibitors selling animals in the auction ensuring that everyone gets a fair price as well as purchases animals when necessary and contributing add-on donations to exhibitors in the auction.  Last year Clovers 4 Kids donated over $8,000 to the Junior Livestock Auction at the Santa Fe County Fair.

Junior Livestock Auction

The Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club offers $500 scholarships to each Santa Fe County 4-H graduating senior intending to pursue higher education.  Since 2000, the Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club has given over $52,000 in scholarships to local 4-Hers.

Premiums for Champions

The Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club sponsors premiums to species champions in the Junior Livestock Auction ensuring top dollar for prize livestock.

4-H Program Support

The Clovers 4 Kids Booster Club provides equipment and supplies to the Santa Fe County Extension to ensure agents can provide top notch experience to our members.  Additionally, Clovers 4 Kids helps financially support Santa Fe County 4-H teams competing at the national level including the National Air Pistol Team, National Horse Bowl Team, National Horse Judging Team, National Muzzle Loader Team, and National Consumer Decision Making Team.

Membership Categories

Platinum Horse Club - $400+

Gold Goat Club - $300
Silver Swine Club - $200
Bronze Rabbit Club - $100
County Fair Partner - <$100

501-C(3) Non-Profit Organization

Your donation may be tax deductible.  For more information, contact the Santa Fe County Extension Office at 505-471-4711.

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